Due to its remoteness, there is a need to be self sufficient. The community is very proud of the facilities and infrastructure in place for the benefit of all living in the Oak Valley township.

Oak Valley Powerhouse
Original Power system consisted of 2 small generators housed in a truck container, these proved inadequate for the community although they were in service for approximately seven years. The power house services 14 Community houses, houses for education and staff from the Community including the Operations Manager, Essential Services Officer and Store Managers. There are more houses planned for construction in 2007/08.
The new generators now provides power for the whole Community. Plus storage tanks holding approx. 60,000 Lt Diesel fuel. The Powerhouse was built and came into service June 2003.

The Solar system and battery bank was completed in 2004. The Powerhouse plant is air conditioned which is necessary due to extreme heat during summer months.

Oak Valley Water Supply
In the community there are 2 main water tanks - one is rain water and the other is bore water. Rain water is for drinking & Bore water for other household use. SA Water visit and assist with testing water quality.
The main tanks service the community where each house has two tanks - one for rain water and one for bore water. Each house tank draws water from the main tank when water levels lower and activate the pumps.

The following picture shows a water catchment shelter on the way to Oak Valley. There are several of these sites on the road and are used in times of extreme temperatures in the summer months for accessing fresh rain water. They have been valuable assets in times where people have needed to survive in remote areas.

Bore water needs to be carted from bores from approx 40km from the community. The truck carries 2700 litres per trip. The Water Truck is used for carting water from the bores to the community.
Health Services - (08) 86704207

Oak Valley Health Clinic provides primary health care to all the community, monitoring ongoing health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, ante-natal & post-natal care, child and school health. Our main role is health education, hosting visiting specialists and referrals for the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service).
The RFDS provide 24 hour emergency service as required.
A General Practitioner visits twice a month and Allied Health Specialist visit once a month.

The Clinic now have two registered nurse Rob and Anita Wastel and a enrolled nurse Janette Dawkins.

Getting to the Oak Valley Community

Ceduna - Oak Valley 516km approx 7 hours
Yalata to Oak Valley 315km approx. 5 hrs
Port Lincoln to Oak Valley 919km
Adelaide to Oak Valley 1288km

The Oak Valley Airstrip was Constructed by the Army in 1998 and is located approximately 16km from the Oak Valley community. It is used primarily for RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service), and Charter flights in and out of the community. The Airstrip is fenced to keep the camels, kangaroos, emus or other wildlife from disrupting the airstrip activities.

The Oak Valley Outback Store is open from:

Monday – Friday: 9am – 4.30pm & closed for lunch from 1pm – 2pm

Closed on weekends

The store is very well stocked and provides a great service to the community.

Contact the store on: (08) 86704221